Mission & vision


Leverage the skills and assets of Bangladesh to offer absolute IT solution to local and international customers. We have plan to implement the virtuous circle between research and edge technologies to allow our customers to exploit the best knowledge available.


Bangladesh and Japan, a country where the founder's Anjan was born and raised. Activate any interaction and contributes to the development of both countries. Regardless of the difference between countries and ethnic groups as a global company, we work to believe that at the end of every day our research and our automation technologies have improved the working conditions of people, the companies’ efficiency and the sustainability of processes and products. We aim to support a society where all humanity can live happily

President Message

Heartiest welcome to our Kaicom website!
The world has changing drastically due to the technological and working environmental changes.

However, we should welcome those changes. We believe, possibilities of ICT are endless, can solve major problems in the world. Our goal is to solve the problems and make comfortable world.

We established our offices in Japan and Bangladesh. Our daily effort is to gather current trend, cutting-edge technology, know-how from around the world to provide global quality services with effective costs. In addition, we also provide consulting services with IT solutions to support your growth.

Our mission is continuous effort for our customer growth.

We keep continue to challenge with our team.
Let's create a new future together.


Thank you
Anjan Das
Founder & CEO Kaicom Group