For Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an attractive market with high GDP growth. However, there are laws that must be observed and business practices that differ from those in Japan, and it is not easy to deal with it. We have the pleasure of helping you get your business off the ground smoothly by providing support at the important stage of establishment.

Local market research

It is important to understand the local market situation before doing business. We will conduct and report on not only PEST analysis but also specialized market research for each industry.

In addition, for companies that have already entered the market, we support the growth of our clients by conducting market research that is useful for future forecasts.


Local business operation support

There are many laws and rules that must be followed when doing business in Bangladesh.

In addition to business support such as accounting support at the time of settlement of accounts and administrative support when trouble occurs, we also support matching with local companies to increase sales.

Support for human resources​

Human resources are an important part of doing business.

From support for securing local human resources to support after hiring, we will support them so that each individual can maximize their abilities while complying with local laws.

For Japan


Support for human resources

There are many excellent IT engineers in Bangladesh. Many people are good at English, and the stage of their activities is all over the world. In recent years, the number of active human resources in Japan has also been increasing. We support all kinds of consultation from recruitment to retention of this human resource.

Business consultant

We provide ICT consulting services by leveraging our know-how in system development, operation, and maintenance services related to infrastructure in Bangladesh.

Based on support related to ICT introduction as well as software development and project management, MBA holder experts will make proposals to enhance corporate value.